The click whoring continues

I have new eggs: [edit] I managed to get a rare egg! I can now die like a happy idiot. :PThey need to be clicked or else they die, though I saw someone s dead eggs and those look funny too. XDWith the help of all the nice people who clicked the previous eggs, because they probably didn t have anything better to do, the first four eggs have hatched and the hatchlings are all grown up. Awwww…This is Endeavour, named after inspector Morse. ^_^ She already laid three eggs with Thunder child as the father. I abandoned those eggs like a selfisch *bleep*, because I want one of the rare ones.Thunder Child is named after a battleship from War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.Moreau is named after Dr. Moreau from The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells. She was the last of these for I had to name and coming up with nice names is hard.Last but not least: Mycrof. He s named after Sherlock Holmes older brother.I haven t truly mastered breeding yet, but have noticed that Endeavour doesn t like Mycroft. The website is kind of sluggish at times, which is annoying when just viewing dragons, but gets really bad when trying to catch one of those rare eggs. I know there s a miniature dragen, a metalic one, one large species and maybe even a paper dragon. I m not sure, because I ve only read the egg descriptions and I don t really feel like reading the forum top to bottom.So I ll just try to discover it myself.


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