Grave Concerns E-zine : A Sneak Preview to October

Sneak Preview of what is coming soon on Grave Concerns E-zine.www.graveconcernsezine.comWhat is coming in October:Contests: Black Tape for Blue Girl ( 3 winners will get aCD/poster/t-shirt)- Gothic /Industrial Comic Book writer to giveaway copies of this dark comicbookSlave Labor Graphics called “Outlook:Grim”You can check out thework at: or slavelabor.comAs you can see our staff is very busy working on various projects for our readers. Interviews:Coming soon in October:KMFDM- by Jeremy EckhartVelvet Acid Christ- Jeremy EckhartAsmodeus X- Jeremy EckhartEisbrecher- Kim MercilSTID- Kyle KucateMINISTRY – Daisy/TarilynHanzel Und Gretyl- Tarilyn/RickBlack Tape for Blue Girl- Josh HeinrichBeta- Matthew JohnsonSoulscape- Matthew JohnsonIcon And The Black Roses- Peter CooperInterviews to be posted for October updates:Mortiis- Marcos MassarriRunes Order- Marcos MassarriAtaraxia- Marcos MassarriPeter Cooper- John ColeDemonkia and the Darklings- Jeremy EckhartSystem Syn- Kyle KucatePysche- Kyle KucateChaism- Donovan TateState of Being- JulieFilament 38- JulieKilling Miranda- JulieButterfly Messiah- JulieBaron Hugenstein- JulieDorcha- JulieFloodland- JulieNot listed: Don t worry.. we can t give all our secrets away!!Reviews:TOO MANY TO NAME!A few….Coming soon:Typhon VortexCoilMindless FaithAsuraAalachoCeleste NoirTerrorfaktBattery CageBridge ShadowsThe AwakeningSaint EveMidnight CatherhalRaygun GirlsAngel TheoryState of BeingWant to be featured in Grave Concerns??? Send us a submission! E-mail us, etc. Don t forget we have a quick and easy 25 question interview that you you can fill out right from our site.. well copy and paste. You can contact us from myspace and our site. http://www.graveconcernsezine.comPlease help spread the word about Grave Concerns to other aritsts and readers. Post this message to other places!Grave Concerns is here!It s a work in progress, but check this out:


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