Amazon s Sales Rank And Keyword Censorship.

What is it about spring holidays that puts the fear of god into marketing execs? The latest Amazon debacle — sales rank info stripped for “naughty” books — is like Livejournal, Memorial Day 2007, all over again.There are many articles being written about this. I will focus on the sales rank aspect. Why did Amazon take that angle? What does it accomplish? But first some background.It s not yet clear exactly which measures Amazon has taken, but the following has been noted:1. Sales rankings for some books (gay romance, transgender bios, bdsm het erotica), has been disappeared in the main profile of the books. This does two things: naughty bestsellers no longer show up on bestseller lists, and searches for the books on Amazon are kludged in various ways.2. It is assumed by me and many others that at least one of the (if not the only) criteria used for selecting the books for sales rank stripping is keywords (such as gay romance, transgender, polyamory, bdsm). Amazon keywords are assigned by authors and anyone with an Amazon account.3. Some books that should fit the criteria above are inexplicably skipped over if there is a Kindle version.4. There are reports that the censorship has happened at Amazon Canada and Amazon UK as well as Amazon USA.( Parents For Keeping Children Off The Internet So They Never Learn Anything Other Than What We Tell Them. )Edit: Amazon may have begun stripping sales ranks from “adult” books in mid-February.


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