Lately I can t seem to get things done on time. Bills, yes. Other stuff? Not so much.I feel like I need to take a time out for a week to get my shits in order. At least one of those days will be for a massive cleaning spree.For a while it s been one comic per two weeks. Let s see if I can t rectify that this week, hmm? If I m lucky I ll think of something funny before Sunday.I need to do laundry. Maybe tomorrow morning, maybe Sunday.I slept like a rock last night, which is odd. I don t remember waking up or tossing and turning or adjusting or frolicking or anything at all. I remember the alarm going off, but for some reason I slept through the loud shower, then slept again until the later 8am alarm. I went to bed at a reasonable hour, so why am I so tired?I think my head might be looking for a reason to be depressed. It has no reason and has not had one for a very long time. You have to keep your eye on kids these days otherwise they ll cause a whole mess of trouble, and THEN where would you be? Homeless and living in a box on christmas eve, that s where.I want to go back to bed, but I have to get ready for work. I m a lazy ass and don t want to do dishes, so I m grabbing a sandwich before I go in. Go me.Things to do: – Redesign Max s webpage before the album release in October – Save money for Ubercon – Write profile for Ubercon – Laundry – Clean house, throw away crap I don t use – Slowly continue to buy more work clothes – Work more on that mind over matter thing concerning mood swings – Never put salt in my eyes


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