sleepin around n round..

today was such a boring ass day. I m not going to toture anyone with details but Iv e basically been sleeping all day when I really should be studying. yep.. O, I watched SNL last night.. man, what a dissapointment. I mean, I knew it wassn t gonna be the same since Jimmy left but frankly, wow. I m definitly not looking forward to going to school tomorrow and hear all the lame Mad Tv fans dissing SNL. I mean, it s only the first episode it the season. It s bound to get better. I noticed that Keanan and Finesse, although still featuring players, weren t in it at all. Oh, and Amy s now doing WU w/ Tina. I duno, it was just OK. =-/. Anyway.. i think this Saturday I m going to the movies with Preston. Fun, we haven t hung out, alone, for a while now.. almost 3 weeks i think. that sucks.. alright, even though iv e only been online for 10 minutes, my mother is nagging me to get offline. blah, so off i go, either back to sleep or to study some more which will probably put me back to sleep. cya.


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