It’s a bit wet in Brisbane right now. There are parts of the city where that’s proving to be a problem, prompting flood warnings and a twitter feed full of alerts notifying folks of their local sandbag locations. We’re still a bit twitchy about rain around these parts, given the big floods of a few years back, and I’ve had a couple of conversations with people from other states who were understandably concerned by the news. Fortunately, all is well. I’ve spent the better part of the weekend away from the computer, so I wasn’t really aware there was flooding going on until the text messages started coming through and I started logging onto twitter. In contrast to some other parts of the city, my weekend has been very idle. I’ve watched a bunch of movies and read a bunch of books and occasionally sat down at the computer and written things, be they fiction or non-fiction or the occasional rant. It’s cooled down enough that I finally dragged a blanket over my bed, which also means I’ve decamped from the study and dragged the Shifty Silas the Laptop into bed with me. I’d forgotten how much I liked writing in bed. I gave it up last year, since I couldn’t really afford the time it took as a habit; these days I’ve got a lot more time on my hands, so I’m embracing the act of typing while horizontal again. It’s kinda pleasant, lying under a blanket, getting some words down while the rain pelts down. Sucks for the rest of the city, though. Originally published at PeterMBall.com. Please leave any comments there.


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