Liz urged me to get back to my journal-o-matic. Yeah. I like it.The moon is half full, not half empty. I picked some dill flowers and ate them. They were good, so I put them in a broth (along with organic lovage and onion and some white wine) to poach fish in. Eating is part of nature.I was satisfied with my drawing process today. I drew my purse. It took me five and a half hours. Ridiculous, but I am pleased with my stamina. The drawing looks, as you might expect, a little labored. I also took 35 minutes to draw my watch. What am I curious about today? I have to make something up. I am utterly lacking in curiosity and, if anything, suffering from information overload. So, are moose monogamous?On the heels of the great Naomi Klein article I posted a link to recently, there is this http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2007/08/20/3293/. To all the protesters;thank you.I am trying to read A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East. It s very readable actually, but not very quotable. The world has frequently been plagued by foolish leaders. I said that. The problem with nonfiction is I always feel like I might be tested on my reading sometime. It detracts from my reading pleasure slightly.Off the j-o-m format. I also watched Mothra twice on pay-per-view today while I drew. I looked up whenever I heard sounds of disaster or singing. I only wish I could say that was all the TV I wasted my time on, but I can t.


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