Rite of Acceptance.

On Sunday Elycia and I will go through the Rite of Acceptance. She will be a Chatechumen and i will be a Candidate. The difference is, I have been baptized. Rituals that are a mystery to me. They would not divuldge what they would be. We will be herded into the church together. Prayed over and released to mass. We will recite some words and then be let out during communion. People were being extra nice last night. I was talking to Andromeda about it before church. Her husband is a Chatechumen and she wanted to be a sponsor for anybody. She was not accepted. Her husband said, “Remember, we are not supposed to know about what went on last week. Shhh” Oops! I knew. But I think that I was supposed to know, not anybody else.I am scared. To get infront of all kinds of people and make my intents known. I hate being in the limelight. I just hate it.The agenda:Reception of the CandidatesOpening DialogueChatachumens First Acceptance of the GospelCandidates Declaration of IntentAffermation by Sponsors and the AssemblySigning of the Catechumens and of the Candidates with the CrossConcluding PrayerInvitation to the Lturgy of the WordLiturgy of the WordInstructionReadingsHomilyPresentationIntercessionsPrayer ver the catechumens and CandidatesDismissal of the Catechumens URGH!


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